Tuesday 2 March 2010

The 2010 Attempt!

So...this year I am growing 6 different varieties of chilli which I purchased from the famous South Devon Chilli Farm www.sdcf.co.uk
This year I'm trying Paper Lantern Habaneros, Long Slim Cayennes, 'Senor' Serranos, Joes Longs, Hot Chocolate Habaneros and the famous Bhut Jolokia. The South Devon mob provided at least 20 seeds of each type, except for the Bhut Jolokias which come in packs of 10.
I searched long and hard for the best methods of propagation, and plunked for the advice given by the Chilli King on his website www.thechilliking.com/Growing

I used common kitchen roll and dampened a sheet under the warm tap, placing the seeds in the middle and folding over. Then I placed each type in a sealed freezer bag (well actually a resealable sandwich bag!) and placed in the airing cupboard next to the boiler. The Chilli King reckons the seeds should swell and even sprout within 2-5 days. Fingers crossed!


  1. Day 2

    No sign of any swelling so far :( but then again it's hard to tell with seeds so small. And he did say give them up to 5 days. One or two of the seeds seem to have turned black...anyone any ideas what this means? is that seed a no-hoper?

    Day 4
    OMG!! they are sprouting! well the Joes Long and Senor Serrano. No sign of any movement with the Bhuts.

    Day 5
    Right - time to transfer to a propagator. I went out and bought three heated ones - only a tenner each at your local DIY superstore. I used a John Innes Seed Sowing compost (has that loam stuff in which you apparently need) and put some in each tray. Patted it out flat with a piece of wood and watered with a sprayer, then left switched on for 12 hours. Apparently if placing the seeds straight into cold compost, the shock is bad for them!

    Next - placed the seeds in rows about an inch apart and covered with a sprinkling of the compost, and gently patted down before watering. Now just have to wait!

  2. OMG! After only 24 hours, I already have seedlings breaking the surface! I have never seen them grow so quickly! This morning there were one or two, and by this evening there were a good dozen!

  3. Well, we are now up to 54 chillies which have sprouted in the first 48 hours. However, they are mostly Joes Long, Senor Serrano and the Hot Chocolates. No sign of any Bhuts yet at all :( I have heard that they take quite a bit longer, so not panicking just yet. Has anyone else experienced the same with Bhuts?

  4. Finally.....Two Bhuts have come through. Now up to 90 chilli plants on the go. One thing to watch with these heated propagators is that the centre dries out whilst the edges remain moist! keep watering the middle regularly!